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Formal Footwear for Women

Formal Footwear For Women

A couple of formal footwear you would find that I selected to show you.

ASOS MANIC Flat Brogues

A classy faux leather black patent lace-up brogues that I shopped from ASOS for £25. Wear the patent look with black jeans, a black turtle neck, and a black biker jacket for a Gothic look, or a tan Mac coat for the chic woman.

ASOS HONEYDEW Heeled Sandals

A block heeled sandals in gold. At first glance, these might not look too comfortable to wear but it is. The only downside is that the shoe has glitter on it, so after some time just a bit of it gets on the skin. But please don't worry about that, these shoes are beautiful and even better when worn. These would enhance your feet and make them look even better.
ASOS HONEYDEW Heeled Sandals

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  1. I must admit I don't have any formal footwear now that I think about it! Love the brogues though, they make a great touch for an outfit! I am always scared of heels to be honest, but these look pretty comfy, thanks for sharing x

    1. those heels had that cushion layer and makes you not feel you're wearing heels at all. thanks for reading <3

  2. I’m loving those sandals!! For some reason, I noticed my shirts & shoe to pants ratio is seriously off...sounds like a much needed shopping spree if you ask me lol I’m feeling loafers this spring but i may have to throw in a formal shoe to spice up a casual outfit.
    Thanks for the inspo!
    xoxo Bri Cruz

    1. loved your comment Bri. Thanks for reading <3


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