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About Lifestyle Prism

Hi! I'm Isa A. I thank you all for visiting my blog Lifestyle Prism

I started this blog to share my passions, creativity, and knowledge. I create content on two niches - Beauty, and Home Décor. With my content, I intend to guide and inspire people towards appropriate purchasing decisions.

I am obsessed with skincare, and makeup. I am self-taught on ingredients, and formulations. Inside my beauty dictionary, you would find insightful and detailed product reviews, beauty solutions, and skincare routines.

With trends and ideas in home décor, I hope to inspire you in styling your living spaces, make them better and more comfortable.

There is a "Lifestyle" tab in the footer of home page in which I previously covered lifestyle related topics.

Brands, if you would want to collaborate/partner with me, please check out my services and feel free to contact me. I am based in Pakistan.

Note: There is a tab "Flash Fiction" that includes my creative writings, with commenting disabledHowever, this is of no relevance to brands/business clients, and lifestyle bloggers. This tab is for relevant writers and authors only, to read.