Definition Of A Healthy skin analysis

Definition Of A Healthy Skin Analysis

Skin is the largest organ in the human body and the foremost defense to the outside world. Furthermore, it reflects human health. Hot skin, redness on the face, discoloration, all indicates certain health concerns.

Skin health varies with each person’s physiology and lifestyle. From minimal skin or makeup routine to layers, or do nothing and get over yourself, calling it a day. I’ll start with my perspective on it, and then help you along the way in your skincare journey.

What is Healthy Skin?

Looking at it from a bird’s eye view, healthy skin is a result of,

  • A nutritious diet including less fried food
  • Balanced physiology
  • Less triggering factors like stress and hormonal imbalances
  • Choosing beauty products with fewer add-on ingredients
  • Choosing skincare products with fewer pore-clogging ingredients

List Of 12 Signs Of Healthy Skin

Look out for the factors for healthy skin.

1. Stress

Triggering factors like stress and hormonal imbalances adversely affect your skin health, resulting in acne and aging. 

2. Sleep

They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason. During sleep, your body boosts blood circulation to your face to rejuvenate your skin and give it a healthy glow.

3. Even texture

You’d notice on a closeup of your skin, if it appears to follow a consistent pattern with bumps and needle pinholes, it is even. But if at some point you see none, and then the irregular pattern on another area of your skin, it is uneven.

4. Even complexion.

Signs of dark spots, discoloration of the skin, or moles changing color are not healthy signs. This may need a visit to a general physician/ dermatologist.

5. Dry or dehydrated skin.

Dry skin is a big indicator of less water intake. Keep your skin hydrated.

6. Protein foods.

Protein foods are the best foods for skin repair.

7. Skin redness.

Skin that turns red due to hot flashes, or sensitivity to an allergic reaction are signs of attention.

8. Elastic skin.

Skin loses elasticity upon aging. You can check that by pinching your skin and noticing how it feels and looks. You should feel elasticity upon release. If your skin wrinkles or gets red at that point but takes its time to get back to its original state, your skin needs your due attention.

9. Sun protection.

Avoid ultraviolet rays from the sun. Don’t forget to put on your sunscreen.

10. Antibacterial cleansers.

Antimicrobial and antibacterial soaps and cleansers decrease the acidity of your skin. This makes it vulnerable to infections and healing.

11. Talc powders.

Quit using talcum powders because they promote yeast growth and that is not easy to tackle.

12. Dermatologist.

Book your appointment with a dermatologist if you feel your skin requires attention from any of the above. Issues such as rosacea, eczema, and certain dermatitis conditions are well treated by consultants.

Healthy skin is one that is clear of pore congestion so that even if you don’t wear any makeup, your skin looks fine. Unfortunately, I deal with congestion because I have dry and acne-prone skin. But I try my best to follow a skin routine to helps me get away with it. now what you can do to maintain a healthy skin care routine in 2 ways?

2 Ways of Caring For Your Skin

1. Cleanse.

Cleansing is the most important step to keep your skin healthy by preventing pore-clogging and acne. Get yourself a simple, gentle, and mild face cleanser. Look for fewer add-on ingredients in the formulation. Cleanse your face daily.

2. Exfoliate.

Exfoliation helps in clearing pore congestion and dead skin cell build-up, resulting in a natural glow. Also, this helps your next skincare products in the line, like serum or moisturizer, to absorb better. You can choose between physical exfoliators/ mechanical devices, or opt for chemical peels to prevent congestion and aging. Exfoliate approximately once in two weeks.

BONUS TIP for your daily skincare routine!

Try to add up to two skincare products to layer at a time in your daily skin routine. If your skin type is extra dry, simply carry a hydrating mist in your bag and spritz it on your face when you feel your skin dehydrated.

My Reasoning

I know K-beauty is 10 step but sometimes layering too many products also lead to breakouts. These steps were added to sell more products because product innovations kept increasing and diversifying.  Every skin is different.  You do not need more. Let’s simplify our routine and lives.

This is the skinimalism, less is more! I would rephrase Pinterest's definition. It should be minimalist makeup and skinimalism as completely separate terms. The latter is fewer skincare products layered on, but this is not my topic focus so won't dive into it.

And that’s it. You’re done.

What is your definition of healthy skin?

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  1. That was a very informative post on skin care. Looks like I need to do some lifestyle changes to get my skin more healthier.

  2. Thank you Rupali. Hope it helps you! <3

  3. Oof. I know for a fact that my skin is all sorts of messed up. That's mostly because I have a gastrointestinal disease and gut health is so directly correlated with skin health, unfortunately. Sooo I'll have icky skin forever, but I work as hard as I can to do WHAT I can to take care of it!

    1. Ohh sorry to hear. sending ease and vibes your way <3

  4. I sure wish I'd known about how important sunscreen was when I was growing up! Damage was done but at least we can take action moving forward. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. if you ask me i did know how important was, but could never come across a nice product due to unavailability of my preference. till now. using it for the first time. thanks for reading Sue, hope it helps. <3

  5. Lovely post, Isa! I am having some skin issues right now and will be going to visit a ferma soon. Great tips! x

    Lynn |

  6. thanks for reading Lynn. and wish you luck for your consultancy. <3

  7. My skin has definitely suffered recently because of a number of factors so this was really interesting and useful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks a lot for reading Molly! hope this helps. <3

  8. I never seem to get round to the exfoliating step, even though I have masks in my stash

    1. haha. although, for sensitive skin and rosacea, exfoliation is least recommended. It's good you remain careful. and thanks for reading Renata! <3

  9. Loved reading this and so informative! I started taking care of my skin only a couple of years ago and I can totally see the difference, but there's so much that contributes to it! I can see clearly when I don't drink enough x

    1. thanks you Christina. and yea, we can all relate to this from time to time. My love to you. <3

  10. Great comprehensive list! I've been a skincare junkie for years now and sometimes it feels like no matter what I do it won't quite get to the health I want it. But, I try to remind myself how much worse it could be if I neglected it in the first place! Love all the information you provided!

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