Bloggers Share How To Be More Productive In Life

Bloggers Share How To Be More Productive In Life

LSP - Blog Collaboration Series

Walking in and out of my room, going back to and forth from kitchen, holding a mug of my favorite tea, I ponder over two collaborations and an infinite list of unfinished tasks. Multitasking is my thing, although it does overwork my brain. But that’s how I roll. One of my two current collaborations is a result of this post. I decided on working on content with a few fellow bloggers, and focused around lifestyle. One of the bloggers, Claire Mac, came up with many ways to stay productive, and I thought why not. Someone who doesn't go by the book, and doesn't have a set routine even with a job, could learn something from them. On another note, I do admit I should do a few things to get the best out of the time I have on my disposal. But before I get to that, let me introduce to you a few fantastic bloggers on my platform for the very first time. They are going to share expert opinions with you on how you can stay productive, in various facets of life. I welcome the three great lifestyle bloggers on my page.

How To Be More Productive - Blogging Experts' Advice

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The first blogger is Claire Mac from Yorkshire. She blogs about parenting, and lifestyle.

The second blogger is Karalee, Tales of Belle from Denmark. She blogs about beauty, books, and lifestyle.

And finally I have Kelly Diane, The Kelly Diane Report from England. She blogs about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and more.

The four hot topics we are going to answer are how to stay more productive when you are travelling, a mother, a blogger, or working from home. So let's jump in and see what the content creators have to say.


Claire Mac

How To Be More Productive As A Mum

As a mum I feel like I have had to learn to become productive. Entering motherhood was such a change for me in terms of learning new priorities and ways to increase productivity. I never really anticipated the transformation to be quite as drastic as it was. I was so used to going at my own pace and doing things my own way, that when I became a mum and had 101 other jobs to do during the day, I really had to learn the art of productivity!

The biggest trick I learnt in becoming more productive is to prepare as much as humanly possible beforehand. Foreseeing all the little jobs beforehand may sound like the most boring thing in the world, but for me and my lifestyle, it has been an absolute Godsend for my productivity. For me this means preparing my daughter’s bag the night before, or making sure the nappies are stocked up before we run out. It is outfit planning for the week ahead or compiling a shopping list as and when we need things so nothing gets forgotten. It is curating an effective toy rotation scheme to keep my daughter stimulated.

It’s everything, but nothing kind of all at once. It is not the most groundbreaking thing in the world, granted, but I really believe that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. A job that may only take five minutes could possibly save you half an hour if you came back to it a few days or weeks later. As a mum my time is valuable. If by preparing what I can as early as possible gives me more time to be productive with my daughter, I’m going to blooming well do it.


Tales of Belle

How To Be Productive As A Blogger

It can be challenging blogging especially if you are in school, you are working, you are a parent or if you have other obligations, but I wanted to share some tips on how you can be more productive as a blogger. First you should figure out how often you want to publish a post and what would work best with your schedule. Since I am currently taking Danish classes three days a week, I find publishing a new post once a week perfect for me. However, you can publish a post more or less often depending on your schedule. Next you can figure out when you have free time, and you can set some of that time aside for blogging. I often set time aside during the evenings and on the weekends to work on my blog since that is when I am usually free.

To be more productive during your free time, I would suggest making a to-do list for the week with different blogging tasks you would like to complete, such as writing and editing a post, replying and returning comments and social media promotion. Also, when I have an idea for a blog post, I write down the idea in my notes app on my phone, and I include any other notes as well. So when I do sit down to write a post, I already have an idea of what I want to write about. Furthermore, I also recommend planning your posts in advance. I plan my posts for the month at the beginning of every month, so I can be productive. Lastly, you can use the time you have during breaks at work, school, or home to do smaller tasks, like outlining a post, replying to comments, or scheduling social media content.


The Kelly Diane Report

How To Be More Productive When You're Travelling

I absolutely love writing for my blog, The Kelly Diane Report. However, one thing I love more is travelling the UK with my boyfriend in our converted van. You might be thinking that doing the two things is stressful, but fear not. Today I'm collaborating with these amazing bloggers to bring you tips on how to be more productive when you're travelling.

Whether it's a staycation or you're travelling further afield, one thing is for sure, you will feel tired. For me, I've found the best way to be more productive, is to be organized. I plan out and write as much content for my blog as I can in the weeks before I go. I can then relax more because I know that I have content scheduled. It gives me more opportunity to focus on enjoying my travels and living in the moment. There are also helpful apps out there such as Buffer, which allow you to schedule your social media in advance. This has been a lifesaver for me. It has meant that I can promote my posts whilst I'm having fun exploring new destinations.

Another tip for being more productive when travelling is to create a great morning and evening routine. When I'm travelling, I'll wake up and schedule social media content if needed as well as reply to comments. All of this is done whilst I'm having my breakfast. I do a similar thing in the evening of replying to comments and applying for any blog assignments. It then means that the rest of the day is mine to do as I please. I hope you have found these tips useful. By following them, people haven't even realized that I'm away travelling. This is because they see no change or silence on my blog and social media.



How Can I Work Productive At Home

Pandemic has resulted in people working from home altogether. So I’m giving you a few "quick" tips on how to stay productive in lockdown. Like I said, I relate to this and should do more.

  • Set a best home office setup for productivity. Your home office could be a makeshift office, or a small office space. This will keep you focused every day.
  • Set office hours. Have office hours so you can set reasonable work and personal boundaries. You would be able to accomplish more of your goals this way. Wind up on time, and then relax or enjoy with your loved ones.
  • Take regular breaks. Get up from your sitting position every hour and give yourself time to recharge. Have water, take a walk, or speak to your family.
  • Reduce digital distractions. Mute socials notifications and save them for evening. Put away your phone when you know it’s not needed.
  • Do meal prepping. Prepare meals ahead of schedule. This can save a lot of your time if you are a busy member of your household.
  • Multitask. I am a multitasker. I can do more than a few things at the same time. Or that is what saves my life? See if it does yours too.



The three bloggers are managing families, work life, and blogging. Their life experiences reflect the expert advice, including my little tale of thoughts. I definitely learnt from those; staying prepared ahead of time, making a to-do list, and travelling got me intrigued. If you do the above, you would be able to do better time management. This would ease your burden and would help you stay more productive and focused in life.

So what do you think about the advice the bloggers shared? Can you relate to any of those? Let me know in the comment section below.

Huge thanks to the content creators collaborating with me for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did working with them. I also hope you subscribe, so you don't miss new posts.

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  1. Great tips - you've really covered all bases here! I definitely find to do lists super helpful for blogging, and generally taking breaks is so important. Thanks for sharing!

    1. really, I never did to-do lists but blogging took me to it. thanks for reading <3

  2. Really needed this post right now! I thought my summer would be more productive, but sadly I've been wasting it away in my bed and on my phone lol. Planning everything beforehand is something I really need to start doing, especially for blog posts. I'll also try setting certain times to work, so that I'm more focused.
    Thanks for sharing all these types!

    Sejal |

    1. thanks a lot for such a lovely comment Sejal. I'm glad it helped. <3

  3. Thank you for allowing me to collaborate. I have loved reading everyone else's advice too.

    1. thank you so much for working with me Kelly. I loved the outcome with you lot! <3

  4. This is a great post - lots of great ideas on how to remain productive! For myself I'm a planner and I find the best way to stay on track is know what I'm doing and what comes next, as most of your collaborators outlined for them as well! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. I love these tips! The being more productive when travelling was a really great section! I also really enjoyed the working from home section x

  6. What a great collab post, Isa! These ladies and yourself are some strong strong people and I loved reading how you all deal with organisation. I am going to try and attempt to change my way thanks to all your tips x

  7. Nice to know the advices of fellow bloggers! Really useful! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Great tips here. As a mum I really do find it difficult to anything done on my blog, so I've stopped beating myself up about it, and now have 7-9pm every evening for my blogging time. I agree though organisation really is key.

  9. There is some really great advice here! It can be so hard to be productive as a mom working at home. These tips are gold! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  10. This was such an amazing collab! You covered all bases and such a great inclusion of a variety of incredible bloggers!

    Loved this read!

    Nons Mshengu
    Creator of Cher Belle

  11. These are some really great tips!! It's so important to have a routine xx

  12. These are such great tips! One way I stay productive is by using a to-do list. To do lists are a Godsend and they give me the motivation I need to push through!

  13. Thank you for letting me be a part of this collab! It was wonderful reading everyone's advice & I definitely relate to Claire! I prepare as much as I can the night before (picking out my daughter's clothes, making her lunch, pack her bag, etc.) so there is less to do in the morning before I take her to school & go to Danish classes myself.

  14. Great tips! I try to do as much ahead of time as I can so I'm not stressed out. Making lists, plans, and laying out clothes have all helped me be more productive.

  15. These are some great tips! I've always struggled with motivation and organization, so even small changes can make a big difference for me. Thank you for sharing this advice!

  16. I LOVED reading this. I am quite productive but I do have moments of lull. I've let blogging become unproductive for me recently and I've got the itch to get myself organised again. Love so many of these bloggers: Claire Mac & Tales of Belle are two of my faves!

  17. Loved all of these tips! Have been struggling with productivity lately so they come at the right time! List are totally my saviors and completely agree on doing small tasks that can help in the long run on the day x

  18. Impressive blog with a well researched information given. Loved reading it and definitely shared it amongst peers and colleagues. Keep sharing more!
    Blogging Generation

  19. Thanks a lot for providing such a unique and insightful blog that is a top thing for me!
    Thanks a lot for keeping us updated with the top blogger productive tips and methods.
    Have a good day>

  20. It all depends on how well rested I am, but I feel it's a lot less stress if you prepare parts of your blog posts in advance :)

  21. Really appreciate these realistic ideas to being more productive. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Oh this post spoke to me! We are in the midst of a lockdown here in Sydney, and rather than having more time to blog, I'm feeling incredibly lethargic from cabin fever. But your post and input from fellow bloggers has given me food for thought I'm going to start implementing asap! Thank you so much!

  23. Loved these. As a new mum I was lucky to have a lot of people guest post. And now I schedule social media ahead. If I've got more of a chilled week I'll do as much ahead as I can. That's for writing posts too. I'm also big on meal prepping. I'll plan weekly meals a month in advance. And then bulk cook a lot too so I don't need to make fresh meals every day. It's a lifesaver!


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