A Tribute to the Bold Godiva

A Tribute to the Bold Godiva

A Tribute to the Bold Godiva - Godiva 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate 100g Review

Godiva 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate - 100g

It began when I bought the chocolate and came home. I had a hot dog; tea; followed by dinner - and at the close - potato soup. I mean, who would eat like that?

But it wasn't my own abode I had come back to. Walls. Dark chocolate brown casing existing in three dimensions so that its pathways threatened to lead to much more. Spirit made tangible. Embers cast light on the bottom left corner. Above, embossed in chrome gold: Godiva. I sussed I wasn't in my abode after all.

I roamed to the shore surrounded by sounds of nature; the winds, palm trees, leaves, they all embraced me. I heard distant clopping. My eyes closed. And as my body - enveloped by the sunset - turned purple, a horse approached me. It carried a woman whose long tresses were my own locks. Wait a minute. Did I just see me? Everything blurred. Only for a moment. She bent down and handed me an amethyst that mirrored the dying sunset. I drew my hand close to my face to study what I was given. Perhaps it held a secret inside? Or possibly an experience I needed to embrace. Just as I was drowning in my own contemplation, I came out of my muddle. Aware. Awake. I was alone on the shore. The horse was long gone.

When the last hue of the sunset entered perfect symmetry with the amethyst, my time began. Its bold sparkle nudged me to another spectrum. I was suddenly full of hunger and a passion to explore; to navigate a journey along my own senses. I cast the cardboard cover aside; and beneath it, I touched gold.

Liquid chrome gold, hosting within it a dark cacao bar. A foil so neat and delicate it would crumple dare I be unkind to it. I heard it crackle like a handful of flame. And the smell... strong cacao, filling me up. A dark chocolate bar...

Wait a minute. This was the secret the amethyst bore? Truly a gift! I couldn't wait to dive in.

Holding the deep dark brown premium “Godiva 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate (100g)”, matted with only a hint of cocoa butter, I abandoned the fire and departed. As I walked, I heard a snap. It was going to rain soon. But the snap was low pitched, even as it remained crisp and clean. Particles so small that it presented aligned edges. Fall had already set. I noticed the sky haze when the wind of cacao lifted me. I journeyed through air and surrendered all my senses to its conjured visitors.

It emerged so bold that by the time I fully discerned it, everything took on a keen subtlety. I forgot where I was; what I was doing; or eating. Oh yeah, I was into this chocolate; the sweetness so faint; a hue. A steady melt and a thin liquid drink which whispered a reminder to me that I could've done with a hot chocolate in this cold. Instead, I had a sipping chocolate. I exist in affinity with it. And there it came; I felt a roasted burn, and bitter smoke in the air, and realized I had taken quite a dose of earthy tobacco. There was no cigarette butt in my hand. Probably blown away by the wind. My throat felt astringent, my mouth dry; I tasted smoke and intense tobacco.

After having two pieces, I decided to walk back and rolled the scarf around my neck to combat the cool. The cunning breeze kept blowing ash on me, and those fragments started to settle on my hair. With every breathe I took, smoke and tobacco lingered; the taste ignited in my mouth. It burned.

I went home and entered the kitchen with a groove. I get why I felt thrilled. A strange pleasure. The moment when fire cut off moisture and smoke took over; pleasant amethyst indeed!


Note: I wanted to do a prose review on my Blog. The idea was nurtured by Hollis Porter, a great fiction writer. A humble thank you, Hollis!


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  1. I love this. Held my attention easily.

  2. I love the way this is written! If only I had an ounce of your ability to write when I was still in university x

  3. That's quite a tribute! I've not eaten any Godiva chocolate for quite some time -- it makes me want to go and get some, haha!

  4. Ah, I am in love with this review! The language is so beautiful and poetic, the experience vivid, and informative at the same time. The higher the cocao content, the darker and richer the chocolate!
    Thank you for sharing a lovely piece of writing.

  5. Fabulous! Enthralling! Delectable! An absolute gift on indulgence. Well done.

  6. Not had decent chocolate since I was in Germany the UK shop choc bars are just expensive and not the same

  7. Oh wow!!!!!! I love Godiva chocolate. Godiva is one of my favorite chocolate brand.

  8. I've really been trying to eat more dark chocolate lately, as it has health benefits that normal chocolate doesn't. Thanks for sharing, I've never heard of Godiva but now I know I need to try it x

  9. I am such a chocolate addict! I love Godiva chocolate, I usually get some for Christmas and it is pure indulgence!


  10. What an amazing way to describe your experience with chocolate! My brother is always looking for good chocolate to eat (I don't have any chocolate sense) so I'll have to recommend this to him.

  11. Such good dark chocolate. My daughter is always asking me to buy her Godiva.
    Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Chocolate!
    I love it. And I didn't know about Godiva ... I wonder why ...

  13. It took me a while to figure out if it was reality or if you were writing about a dream, but I think it was pretty cool what you did with the review - seadbeady blogs

  14. So poetic and beautiful. A real love song to chocolate. Brilliant.


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