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Home Décor Trends 2022 And Beyond

Home Décor Trends 2022 And Beyond


Home decoration has become popular than ever as people are looking to turn their homes into a space that facilitates them in almost every way. Apart from having a nice interior design, people are interested in home furniture, home accessories, and home appliances. Since 2020, many of the current trends are due to lifestyle changes brought about by lockdowns. Home décor trends 2022 would be mostly about nature, simplicity and functionality after luxury styles that have been popular recently. Home accessories would become more functional and ideal for day-to-day use. People would bring the outdoors in for a natural look. More focus would be on using natural color palettes, textures, and furniture. These trends create a relaxed atmosphere in the home, and add value to your property.

I wrote a post on the same topic last year - Top 25 Interior design trends 2021. You would see that many of those trends are repeating, with only a few new changes. Let's see some of the home décor ideas for 2022. Some of these come from a philosophy, design style, or an inspiration on how to incorporate them in your home décor.

Home Décor Trends 2022 And Beyond

Trend #1. Lighting:

Lighting sets the mood for your entire interior design. Expect to see more indoor LED lights. Lighting objects are becoming more popular than lamps and chandeliers. New types of LED options are available in chandeliers, pendant lighting, and sconces. Wall sconces make a good choice for ambient light as it distributes soft luminance. It is a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor lights. But, more focus would be on natural light source and different ways to create an ambiance with it.

Trend #2. Mirrors:

Mirrors of unusual forms and shapes would be seen in home decoration. Mirrors are an excellent way to make small spaces appear larger by reflecting light around the room. It also creates a unique look and adds depth to a room. Due to that, it would be a trend to try this year.

Trend #3. Multifunctional Spaces and Hybrid Interiors:

2022 is going to be all about functionality. There would be priority for multi-functional architectural spaces and home décor, with a check on aesthetics. Creating multi-functional spaces for home office and home schooling increase as people seek privacy, focus, and attention. Cloffice, a hybrid of closet and office, is the term fitting for a home office. Bedrooms and open spaces are seeing additional functions for work and activities. Open floor planning would still remain but priority to make a few spaces functional is the current lifestyle requirement. Because of this, walls, partitions, and pocket doors are rising in demand. Stylish home offices are being made under staircases, corner spaces, and nooks.

Trend #4. Patterns and Shapes:

2022 décor patterns and shapes are but a mix of different eras. Newest aesthetic is Organic Modernism i.e. geometric patterns and botanical shapes. But, if you want to do home decoration old school style, go for Contemporary Classicism. Consider classic patterns such as stripes, checkered, and paisley designs.

Same idea is with shapes. From simple geometric shapes (squares, circles, triangles) to organic natural shapes (floral, seashells), choose anything you like.

Trend #5. Zen Interiors:

Zen is the art; Zen is meditation. It means an ambiance that favors meditation, and connects human with the universe. Zen, formalized in China, is perceived in West as a source of calm, mindfulness, and tranquility. In interiors, it means to bring nature inside your house to experience this connection. Zen inspired architecture and décor creates the same harmony between human and universe by setting an ambiance of peace.

It also means to de-clutter. By that, perception is minimalism. De-clutter and rituals are facilitated with natural materials, light source, nature inspired earthy colors, and clear spaces. Other than minimalism, Japandi is also a part of Zen interiors.

Japandi is a hybrid of Scandinavian and Japanese interior design aesthetics. Minimalist, clean lines and functional design of Scandinavian style mixed with Japanese aesthetics of simplicity, neutral colors, clean spaces, natural materials and light source. Japanese interior design also includes fewer, yet high quality décor pieces to evoke tranquility.

Trend #6. Textures:

Think about all the natural textures, and tactile materials you could incorporate in your home, such as pebbled stone, wood, marble, metal, and fabric. These natural materials would see to walls, countertops, furniture and flooring. Wooden flooring, stone walls and pavements is the current vogue. Marble will never go out of style. It is a natural, timeless, and classic elegance to flooring, kitchen, and furniture. Marble flooring, kitchen islands and marble countertops, and marble tables would always be the hype. Furniture would be cozy and plush, with textural fabrics like leather, velvets, boucle, faux fur, and linens. Expect to see a lot of velvet this year in upholstery, pillow covers, and curtains this year.

Natural and tactile materials add character to homes, and increase its real estate value. Another reason to the rise of natural materials since Covid lockdowns is the increasing need to focus on health, and wellbeing. Natural materials and cozy décor improve wellness, and calm senses.

Trend #7. Natural Wood:

Wood is definitely the décor vogue of 2022. A lot of wooden textures would be seen incorporated in home decorations in the next few years. Home decoration, furniture, and even a few appliances are seeing wood. Rustic oak, white oak, rosewood, and cherry wood would remain in demand. A lot of solid wood pieces, unpainted wood beams, and wood grain would be seen in home décor. So think natural or raw woods as the intense, rough, and irregular feature of your house.

Light wooden furniture is another home decoration idea of the year. Light wood home décor complements modern interior design styles and minimalism. It also looks good with geometric patterns, herringbone flooring, and outdoor furniture. But, does that mean too much cutting wood and deforestation? Think about it.

Trend #8. Travertine Stone:

Travertine is a natural sedimentary stone is the new décor mode in both classic and contemporary interior design styles (refer third tile texture in image). It is timeless as marble, and right now is the second most popular stone use in home décor. It is durable and has a soft texture. It is less dense than marble, making it easy to transport. It is not as expensive as a high quality marble, but is a mid-range stone that requires professional installation, raising its price.

Travertine comes in few colors - gold, off white hues, ivory, walnut, tan, red, yellow, and orange. The cozy classic beige is the current most popular shade. Another reason to the inclination is its neutral and warm hues as opposed to marble. It complements warm minimalism, adding to the relaxed décor and warm outlook. Think about incorporating it in furniture where needed, such as a table top, console or décor objects. Travertine flooring, outdoor travertine paving, and travertine bathroom are also good options if you want to take the plunge.

Trend #9. Floored by Nature:

Good flooring makes your house look classy and expensive. This year, flooring would be all about natural materials such as wood, marble, travertine and pebbled stones. As natural wood is sweeping this year in home décor, Herringbone flooring is still the hype. But also, hardwood flooring is currently a consideration in a lot of interior designs. Consider a few other natural hardwood floors options such as natural oak wood flooring, and natural maple flooring. Light wood flooring, and smoky toned brown flooring are both hot styles of 2022. Marble flooring is one of the selling point in contemporary interior design styles. Travertine flooring is seen in warm minimalist interior design styles because of its neutral hues. Outdoor flooring would also see travertine paving, as well as pebbled stone and gravel paving.

Trend #10. Warm Minimalism:

Interior design style has moved somewhat away from décor splurge of last year to a minimal home look of 2022. As people get used to staying indoors, more focus is on de-cluttering and less distractions for mental peace. Minimalist interior design is a feature of modern interior design that is essential, clean, simple, organized, and functional.

Original classic minimalism of a cool monochromatic color palette is now replaced with cozy hues. It is not only in warm minimalism, but is also used in contemporary as well as Japanese aesthetics. You would see it with modern interior designs (geometric and abstract patterns), as well as Zen. Warm minimalist interior design is now coupled with organic shapes, relaxed lines, natural textures, and neutral colors for calm vibes. This new minimalism comes with a new mindset. The Lagom; see the next one.

Trend #11. Lagom, The New Hygge:

Hygge is a Norwegian term that originated from Denmark in the 16th century. It means seeking an atmosphere in which one feels comfortable, content, and sheltered. A hygge home encourages social togetherness and living in the moment. And hygge décor is about creating cozy, and inviting ambiance, and in which your wellbeing improves. This time, hygge design trends have been reduced by "lagom". Lagom is the new hygge of 2022.

Lagom is another Norwegian concept from Sweden that means "just enough". In other words, it means to maintain a balance in every facet of life, every day. In home décor, it means to buy and use furniture, accessories, and soothing colors, but in moderation. In a lagom home, you reduce worldly possessions and clutter, spend more time in nature, and balance social and individual time.

Trend #12. Curved Furniture:

2022 furniture décor is centered on four aspects.

  1. Focus is on medium to smaller sized furniture size as opposed to bulky extravagance of late. Reason is the fast pacing lifestyle. People are either living more independently, or moving into smaller homes. For small spaces, minimalist furniture design often works best because of its clean lines and functionality. Focus on getting medium sized furniture and accessories that fit small spaces, and is also easy to transport.
  2. As far as home furniture goes, you would likely see a lot of white and neutral colored sofas. White is clean and fresh looking, making it an appealing choice for home décor in modern minimalist interior design. Neutrals are classic and versatile, so they can work with any style. But if you want something different from the norm, you can always go for brightly colored furniture.
  3. Keep in mind the lagom home décor. Don't buy a lot of furniture. Invest in essentials and the needful, yet high quality pieces.
  4. Furniture is getting soft and rounder. Curved furniture lines make a good contrast against rigid architectural background. Organic shaped furniture and accessories are flexible to décor. Curved sofas and chairs are more fluid and feel pleasant. The more comfortable an atmosphere, the more meditative is the interior design vibe. Curved furniture décor is inspired by the '70s. Retro re-lives again in 2022.

Trend #13. Retro Design:

Retro interior design is a mix of old interior design styles with new furniture and accessory décor. In other words, it is the embodiment of vintage design patterns in modern décor, called modern retro interior design. Retro glam décor is taking chic throwback designs from the '70s, '80s, and '90s. Retro return from the 70s’ is getting popular such as velvet fabric, reclaimed materials, bold wallpapers, and vintage art décor. Bold patterns, geometric furniture, and vibrant colors from the Urban 90s are being seen in home décor. Bohemian patterns are also a comeback for cheerful, breezy vibes.

The '80s vintage interior design style is very popular and available from chic thrift stores without worrying about current supply chain issues. Current mid-century modern architectural style of soft curves, clean lines, and organic shapes is also seeing classic silhouettes, strong colors, and patterns. Think curved velvet sofa for warm nostalgia.

Trend #14. Accessories:

Home décor accessories are a great way to add personality to your home décor and complete home interior design. Their purpose is to look beautiful, and be functional. Expect to see a lot of interesting and unique accessories from decorative pillows to quirky artworks.

  • Metal: Always a timeless material, people are using more metal elements for home accessories such as fixtures, vases, and candle holders.
  • Gold Décor: Golden finishes are fashion again. Consider brushed gold finishes in accessories, accent lighting, fixtures, frames, mirrors, and wall art for the luxurious gold décor outlook.
  • Gallery Wall Décor: Ever since lockdown, people sought out priorities and got creative at home. This brought out gallery wall art and studio spaces in houses where people wanted to showcase their creativity, or buy some.
  • Sustainable Handmade Objects: Get accessories made of unprocessed, organic and raw materials that are eco-friendly. Sustainable is the way. Look for ethically sourced accessories from upcycling and recycling stores and companies. Ditch plastic for good. Consider handmade items such as woven wood objects, natural woven baskets, handmade vases, or make DIY décor.
  • Wabi-sabi Interior: Wabi-sabi, a traditional Japanese aesthetic means to appreciate beauty in imperfect, asymmetrical, incomplete, and impermanent things existing in nature, and feel content with it. Uneven and rustic handmade objects, made especially of a natural source that sees a life of growth and decay, is the wabi-sabi interior décor. Wabi-sabi colors are white and earth tone palette to make your space harmonious, and tranquil.
  • Think sustainable handmade clay items, uneven ceramic pottery, patina, and hand knit woven throws. Again, do not forget Lagom. Get only essential accessories that are high quality, unique, and diverse.
  • Healing Scents: Scents are seeing a rising trend with more essential oils and diffuser shopping. Scent zones might be seen in houses where people love using them. You can reserve a small niche somewhere in the house where you would want to meditate or heal.

Trend #15. Colors: Nature-Inspired Palette:

The colors you choose for your home décor can make or break the overall look. In interior design and home décor, new colors are introduced every three years. During that time, any color that trends originates from within. 2022 décor color palette is warm minimalism. Warm neutrals (discussed below) are always the most used in homes because these are calming to the senses and create a relaxed atmosphere. People would be using a lot of natural colors in their homes, from walls to ceilings, furniture upholstery, bedding and accessories. In minimalist interior design style, color palette lacks high contrast and is almost monochromatic. In contemporary and modern interior design styles, top color choices are also soft whites, ivory, cream tones, taupe, neutrals, browns, greiges, and muted earthy tones.

Also, in 2022, colors are back, but from nature! Same as lush green plants made indoors last year, nature's greens are the new paint. All shades of greens especially forest green, and sage green are the most trending. Others making the green color trend are olive green, bottle green, lake green, and emerald green. More trending nature colors are oranges, terra cotta, and dusty blues for tranquility. For accents in contemporary interiors, black-like hues such as deep blue, blackish brown, pebble shades, and aubergine might be seen. So be sure to make use nature inspired color palette to create a home décor that is lively and interesting.

Interior Design Colors Of The Year 2022:

Premium paint making international companies came up with their color choices for the year 2022. These colors are calm hues derived from the nature. (Refer image above, in sequence from left to right).

1. Benjamin Moore – October Mist 1495

October Mist of Benjamin Moore is a gentle sage green that is versatile enough to go with any color palette and design style of your home. At the same time, it is expressive and visually calming.

2. Sherwin Williams – Evergreen Fog SW 9130
Green-grey-blue softened and made foggy, is Evergreen Fog from Sherwin-Williams. It is soothing, subtle, and a versatile option for every color palette of your home.

3. Behr – Breezeway MQ3-21

Breezeway is a whitish silvery green - the color of weathered natural sea glass found along saltwater of beaches. Behr color brings a cool yet peaceful vibe to your home, reminiscent of cottagecore.

4. Pantone – 17-3938 Very Peri

Very Peri of Pantone is the current global zeitgeist of digital fusion - a daring shade from the blue color family with violet red undertone. Perfect for creative studio, the color is reminiscent of a paint palette and artistic expression. 

5. Glidden – Guacamole PPG1121-5

Guacamole of Glidden is a soothing color made bold with Guacamole green, gives you an organic take to blend with calm hues. 

6. Dulux – Bright Skies

Bright Skies is a dusty blue shade that feels airy and refreshing. Dulux's color breathes into your space some breezy optimism. 

7. PPG – Olive Sprig

Olive Sprig of PPG is a neutral, grey-green with an organic olive undertone that displays an environmental atmosphere in a room. It is an adaptable color to fit nature's vibes into your space.


The top two colors favored by editors globally from The Color of the Year 2022 are; 'October Mist' by Benjamin Moore, and 'Evergreen Fog' by Sherwin Williams.


Warm Neutrals 2022

Warm Neutrals:

Warm neutral palette is another vogue of 2022 for its timeless elegance, complementing Zen and Wabi-sabi. To give you the latest warm neutral colors, the same leading companies came up with coordinating hues that you can pair well with your main color of choice.

  • Benjamin Moore warm neutrals: Collector's Item. Natural Linen. Venetian Portico.
  • Sherwin Williams warm neutrals: Shoji White. Accessible Beige.
  • Behr warm neutrals: Gray Ashlar. Sand Dance.
  • Dulux warm neutrals: Fossil Hunting. Artist's Brush. Cardamom Pod. Warm Straw. Golden Cookie.
  • PPG warm neutrals: Candlelit Beige. Lotus Petal.
  • Glidden warm neutrals: Brandied Pears. Almond Cream.


Trend #16. Accent Wall:

An accent wall, or a feature wall is to use different design, texture, color, shape, or pattern on one wall as opposed to other walls in a room, to make it a statement of that area. A statement wall brings character and emphasis to a certain space of your home. Many people like to do a statement wall in their homes. Think about botanical wallpapers, a deep accent paint, retro geometric shapes, and organic patterns. Natural material options include brick, travertine or pebbled stone accent wall, plaster texture wall, wall moldings, chalky lime wash, wall paneling, and handmade tiled walls. If you only want to do it in small spaces and not experiment it big, think about closets or do a bathroom accent wall. Complement or contrast it with the rest of your interior design style of that particular space, and make the statement wall its focal point.

Trend #17. Outdoor Décor:

Outdoor interior design and décor is seeing a rise ever since leisure and public areas got restricted. Just as people brought nature inside their houses, they want to be close to it too. Outdoor living is taking shape through resort type getaway settings with a pool and sun loungers. You can start off with patio décor if you have one, but backyard décor is a better option. Fireplace, outdoor kitchen, and kids’ play areas are the current focus. Bring out a swing chair for some individual time. Get sustainable rattan or wicker furniture for a nice sit out with your loved ones. Don't forget your potted plants, and see if you can install a small recyclable water feature. For some outdoor artwork, consider a tiled feature wall or put a sculpture.


As you read, a lot of home decoration 2022 comes from last year. Home décor trends 2022 are very different from what it was 10 years ago. Back then, people were more into bright colors and clean lines, but nowadays, interior design is seeing more earth-tone color palette and nature inspired décor. Also, current décor trends are a mix of previous styles. So, you have a wide palette available to your taste and unique style. With changing global lifestyle, individual artistic expression is getting more evident. With this eclecticism, décor that resonates with your own personality.

As for budget, interior design and home décor doesn't come cheap. So, consider starting small. Choose an area of your house to decorate for a lived in atmosphere. Start with wall paint or an accent décor object, and then take it from there in future. 


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