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This post includes writings that were too short to be published as separate blog posts. Instead, each fitted the size of a tweet. I'm posting those from Twitter to my blog to keep the writings saved, because social media platforms are not always reliable. This post will also include those passages that were not published anywhere.

Each new passage starts from section breaks.

This page will remain a living document, and will keep getting updated with more writings.

Note: This post is for writers and authors. To bloggers and brands - If you see this page, ignore it including the tab "Flash Fiction" altogether over no relevance. Commenting is disabled for all posts under the said tab. Kindly refer to lifestyle niches tabs in the Menu button.


I sit down to write about my life.

Where do I start

I look at the white wall in front

Beyond that, it turns monochrome.

Outlined in black. Smeared with oil. Corners soften to form curves...

Door opens behind me, and I'm brought back to reality. I turn around.

"They are calling for you." the boy says

He departs a small, soot black opaque silhouette.

I look at my notebook again, the paper has no lines.

My pen is vulnerable to bleeding ink.

Snap! The nib breaks. I have pressed down hard when writing.

Brows furrow, lips tense, hands tremble.

I put the pen down, get up, and leave.

The calling.




I let go

Of something I clung to

In despair, in desperation

In the void. Fiery.

I look up, eyes mirroring the sky.


In deceit I confront

I will conquer you!


Flashbacks. The impossible. Past. Moonless hindrances dressed as white ghosts. I awake in the present, holding my sketch book. A nice view. Did I just paint my future?

On my left and ahead, he sits, contemplating. I smile, put down the tools and bend forth. I kiss him on the ear.



Going towards perpetually fated

Voice a vapor, swirling away misty

And body rigid, face turned towards oblivion

Roaring waves refuse to carry me away

I remain black against the blue.



Seeing a pigeon tending to its squab; something about it irks me.

But then I look out the window. Weather is haze and calm. And I wonder, what do I want...

I'll just smoke it out!



Driving, I dread a thunderstorm coming,

sensing my fear, rain and the winds

allow me a calm retreat.



An apple in hand,

And rain in the background,

I'm walled up.



How learnt the magnetic current was, it flowed from your brain.

Vision so immersed, it is surreal.

The horizon spoke, gazing in the eye.

"You have arrived at your destiny!"