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Freaky Nine Tattoos For The Millennials

Freaky Nine Tattoos For The Millennials

AD – Sponsored | Freaky Nine gifted me their tattoos in exchange for an authentic review. Please note that referral links or codes may be used.

Fashion and accessories are ways to express your style, artwork is another. Some people like simple and subtle looks, whereas others express themselves artfully. If you are into artful aesthetics, then I've got the perfect go-to artwork for you in ink to up your look when you step outside. This go-to ink is the unisex and temporary “Freaky Nine Tattoos for the Millennials”. Tattoo artwork is seeing a rising global trend in all ages, as well as millennials and Gen Z. Tattoos are also seeing a demand in Pakistan. So I’m happy to bring to you the Freaky Nine brand.

If you feel intimidated by needle procedure, or don’t like the idea of permanent art on the skin, then hassle free and temporary ways to tattoos is a good option to consider. In this post, you would learn about Freaky Nine, using their tattoos, a brief on different tattoo styles the brand offers, and my tattoo picks and the tattooists who created them; followed by Freaky Nine review and rating. Some information comes from Freaky Nine website; rest is my thoughts.

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Freaky Nine is the Skin Creative Design Studio in South Korea that designs and sells premium quality, waterless temporary tattoos. Freaky Nine collaborates with real Korean tattooists who each create artwork based on their own aesthetics, expression, and mood. Artwork covers different styles of tattoos. The South Korean temporary tattoo brand encourages men and women to express and personalize their look as they please.

Freaky Nine tattoos is their patented technology as stick-on tattoo sheets. Price of Freaky Nine tattoos range from USD 10-12. The tattoos are water resistant, and last 3-7 days depending on the area of application. Freaky Nine tattoos are certified, and safe for use by children over eight years old.

Freaky Nine Tattoo Packaging and Contents

Freaky Nine product looks like a small card enclosed in a plastic wrap. Each pack includes two tattoo sheets, two alcohol swabs, and an instruction manual.

Where To Buy Freaky Nine Tattoos

Freaky Nine tattoos are available online on their website to shop for. They process and deliver in business days. Freaky Nine also ships worldwide.

How To Use Freaky Nine Tattoos

Applying Freaky Nine Tattoos:

Tattoos come with a very easy instruction manual. First, sterilize your skin with the alcohol swab (included in the tattoo pack). Then, cut out the tattoo sheet and apply it on the desired area. Press the instant tattoo for around 30 seconds. You’d notice from the corners that it has neatly deposited on the skin. Then, take off the film.

Removing Freaky Nine Tattoos:

Removing temporary tattoos of Freaky Nine is easy. Just soak the area in warm water or put a wet warm cotton cloth or towel on it for a while. Massage the tattoo area with an oil based cleanser or another oil of choice – coconut, cooking. Then gently rub a cotton ball/wipe on it. Repeat. It would come off in around 3-4 attempts.


Tattoo Styles

Freaky Nine covers six types of tattoos. I will briefly explain them so you have an idea of what you’re looking for. This would be helpful for tattoo beginners.

Color Tattoos:

Freaky Nine simplified this category by grouping all color temporary tattoos together. It has tiger tattoos that would also be suitable for the younger lot. Then it has butterfly temporary tattoos, floral temporary tattoos, sea life, and then some objects of symbolism.

Black Tattoos:

Black Tattoos, also called blackwork tattoos, is a very broad and versatile category because it includes all tattoo styles made solely with black ink. It covers a lot of innovative aesthetics - from crisp to thick lines and heavy shading; and styles such as abstract, geometric, ornamental, minimalist, illustrative, and modern art. Freaky Nine has black temporary tattoos in florals, ornamental, geometric, and linework styles.


Mini includes small temporary tattoos here. Few of those are as small as one inch. Style covers minimalist temporary tattoos with clean lines and negative space, and butterflies and dainty florals in vivid colors.


Watercolor tattoos are another innovative modern trend of the millennial. It is a difficult artwork involving more ink and colors as it has a larger color gradient to give it the watercolor brush stroke effect, and the right contrast against the skin tone. Freaky Nine covers nature and sea life in this category.

New School:

New school is the comic style that followed popular entertainment in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. New school tattoos are more of a fad, and may be suitable for some themes or moods. Freaky Nine features cartoonish animals and objects.


Linework tattoos, aka line art tattoos are designs made only with ink line that can be continuous or overlapping. The key is to make it the right size and less complex. Freaky Nine covers abstract, modern ornamental, linework, and geometric tattoos. Options also include animals and florals.


Freaky Nine Tattoos For The Millennials

Freaky Nine Tattoos

The Five Freaky Nine Tattoos Of My Choice

I chose five tattoos from Freaky Nine; four from the tattooist "Urban", and one from "Wana".

“Urban” creates geometric, ornamental, and watercolor tattoos with a certain symbolism. Other than the brush stroke watercolor and ornate designs, he creates modern geometric tattoo styles that are all about composition, and how they sit on a certain part of a body. They range from neat lines, circular to sharp objects, and mechanical to organic shapes. The four tattoos are, in sequence (excluding fish).

(Urban) Butterfly Swimming in Space (2EA), $12.00

An ornamental linework tattoo showcasing a delicate butterfly swimming through space. Butterfly holds a powerful and transformative symbolism. Size is 6*10 cm.

(Urban) Past the Universe (2EA), $12.00

An ornamental tattoo composed of a moon and a star connecting with various planets in space. Size is 6*10 cm.

(Urban) Circling the Moon (2EA), $12.00

An ornamental tattoo with delicate linework showcasing a moon, and a star. The light is circling the moon, making it shine brighter. Size is 6*10 cm.

(Urban) Through Many Hardships (2EA), $12.00

An ornamental and geometric tattoo with delicate linework that shows an intensely angled triangle in thick black ink, symbolizing hardship. An arrow pierces through, and overcomes it. Size is 6*10 cm.


“Wana” creates abstract artwork with colored ink, floating lines and textures with a gentle, immersive expression. Abstract style is more about execution, rather than what it represents. It involves experimenting with lines and imagery, and artist’s perception. I got a fish tattoo from Wana for the perfect summer look.

(Wana) Freely (2EA), $10.00

A watercolor linework tattoo in blue ink. A Koi fish is swimming freely with flapping wings reminiscent of an angel. Size is 6*10 cm.



Size of Freaky Nine tattoos is around 1-4 inches, and these sizes are the new global vogue. The tattoos are unisex, and would be most suited for Millennials and Gen Z. I would say, men and women of age group teens to thirties. I liked that the tattoos last 3 to 7 days. I applied it on my wrist and ankle, and both didn’t come off before the fourth day. When you apply it, you might have some stickiness around the corners. It would come off naturally. But if the tattoo comes in contact with your clothes then it might catch the fabric thread for a bit. I would suggest you dust off the tattoo with a loose powder right after putting it on, so it remains neat. Also, because they are temporary, they might loose sharpness with time.

But still, Freaky Nine brand is of one of the best temporary tattoos I have tried. The designs are just beautiful, unique and cool. This is no flash art! They look even more beautiful in real life than the internet and also look real on the skin. It would be a great go-to artwork accessory to style your fashion look with. They certainly draw eyes. Though the price may seem higher to some people for a non-permanent tattoo (which I have explained below), but I think it is like that with tattoos. Though if you want to wear a few tattoos at the same time, then it would get expensive.

Check out my Instagram reel and TikTok video for the live look and demo, and also the Idea Pin to save.

Freaky Nine Tattoo Pricing:

Tattoos are generally expensive. This is the first thing you need to know about tattoo artwork. A few factors that count in tattoo pricing are - tattoo equipment, needles, ink, sterilization of machine, tattoo size and complexity, and artist's expertise. But no matter the size, tattoos have a minimum charge, because tattoo equipment is expensive.

Freaky Nine temporary tattoos also come under the same principle. They have a standard price range for all i.e. $10-12.


Are Freaky Nine Tattoos Worth Buying

Freaky Nine temporary tattoos have a few distinguishing factors that make them worth buying.


  • High quality.
  • This is no flash art. But beautiful and unique artwork by real Korean tattooists, each using their own aesthetics to create temporary tattoo designs.
  • Water resistant and waterproof temporary tattoo.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Good longevity.
  • Good range of tattoo types to shop for.
  • Freedom of changing tattoo artwork to taste and liking.


  • It may get expensive if more than a few tattoos are adorned on the skin at the same time.



Freaky Nine Tattoos Overall Rating - 4 out of 5 stars i.e. 4/5.

Design                        5

Price                           4

Packaging                  5

Application                5

Quality                        4

Longevity                   4

Value for money        4



Freaky Nine temporary tattoos are very good quality and designs. I was quite excited to try them out, and just loved them all! I look forward to wearing the remaining tattoo sheets in coming days. So I would sum up today's post by saying that Freaky Nine tattoos are good value for money, and worth it! I highly recommend you try them out.

That's all for today. I hope you liked the Freaky Nine review. Let me know in the comments your thoughts. I'll see you all with new content in 2023. Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

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  6. I definitely prefer temporary tattoos over permanent ones cause then if you change your mind, it's okay and you can be versatile in terms of switching up any tattoo designs! The Freaky Nine tattoos look nice!!

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    1. that one is my favorite too. Plus the fish. Thanks for reading!

  8. These are so lovely. I think they're great if you're thinking about getting a tattoo, but aren't quite sure about design or placement. I love what you've picked out.

    Claire. X

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    Lucy Mary

  10. These are some really lovely designs - I love the butterfly! I have tattoos myself but I'd definitely try out temporary ones to get an idea of placement etc! It'd also be nice to use if you were going to a party or something and wanted to jazz up your look!

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