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Sun Sets

Sun Sets 

True that a beach can uplift spirits; we are watching the sun willing to set.

The beach is a melting gold. The sun had clothed water with a golden fabric.

Underneath that film, where tension cannot take in the light, water is a dark woody brown hue.

And I'm in a natural white beachy dress.

Sitting up with legs straight out.

Comfortably supported in that posture; he has me embraced from behind.

The wave touches our feet; rhymes with a gentle tingle.

"I love you" he says.

I smile, enjoying the golden glory dancing in front of us.

My thoughts spreading and coating the venue. A white cotton breeze, lengthening and curling at ends, stretching and blending with the dark corners of the universe.

Calm and silence fill senses.

"I love you more than the sea" I respond.

A gust of wind blows, touches our skin, rustles my hair.

"I love you more than this wind" I continue.

Wind pulls some dust and sprays on me. I shield my eyes for a second.

"You are my horizon" I point out.

"Look, you are that horizon line. And I'm that sun in the midst, glowing." I say.

He is quiet.

"... and the sea, and golden beige sand are mingling, and looking at us, and hopeful." I say.

Silence is tangible.

Dreamlike, I remember to blink.

Puzzled. No response.

I turn around.

A wide bare stretch.

Where did he go?

I look everywhere. Then further.


I touch the sand where he was settled; cold.

Strange faces drift away.

The sun inflames red.

Seagulls cry above.