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Blogging Inspiration | Work With Me

Today I would be telling you about my blogging inspiration, the products I curate, and where I can partner with you.

Blogging Inspiration

A self-taught critic on skincare and professional makeup for fifteen years. I have been self-studying chemical compositions and ingredients in products ever since. I do professional makeup, design clothes, and am very selective when it comes to shopping. I am an innate artist; drawing and sketching since always. I am very creative, critical, and detail-oriented. I enjoy outdoor photography, home interiors, and baking. I love exploring cuisines, seafood, and everything sweet. I am into philosophy. I am obsessed with street art and Banksy. I enjoy sarcasm and wit. On a side note, I also love to dance. However, I did not choose the art field as my professional career.

I pen information, knowledge, and helpful tips on beauty to guide consumers towards suitable purchases. I pen fashion aesthetics and inspire with style to help consumers make their next purchase decisions. And in lifestyle, I would always pen for you one-of-a-kind ideas.

I wanted to work in the corporate sector so I pursued business studies and then got employed. My professional experience encircles around business management, finance, and marketing for 10+ years. I always had that nagging in me on not using my innate talents. This brought about the inception of my blog. I wanted to do something for myself, and simultaneously help people with my display and knowledge. I now aspire to work towards becoming a full-time content creator!

It took me quite a long time to create this page because I have a full-time job and am not tech-savvy at all. I bought this domain a few years ago and wanted to set up the space all by myself. Since I am not techie, I gave up on setting it up. I eventually got past all the technicalities and got to blogging in the mid of 2020.

My camera broke and ever since I did not keep the props with me. I would add photography once travel and outdoors resume and I get to collect a fair amount of pictures to show you. You might see an odd post or two on travel niche with pictures of my country. I highly recommend you plan a future trip to Pakistan for its breathtaking beauty, marvelous cuisine, and unequaled hospitality.

For my artwork, I would add on that once I have more than a few latest pieces to show you. 

Curated Products

Now, I'll categorize the products I create and curate. I share high street label international brands in clothing, and leading footwear brands of all categories. Also, I curate top Korean brands for skincare, and leading American and European brands for makeup.

I am currently not able to share big brands like Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, and etc because of low to no access to buy their products in my region. You might have noticed that a few beauty products I reviewed in my previous posts especially makeup have been in the global market for quite some time now. But in my region, they were available only recently to shop for. I shop for them and share them because I have been following up on top international fashion ramp makeup artists, K-beauty, and fashion pages for over fifteen years. I grew my exposure and in-depth knowledge on the niches through Sephora, Soko Glam, Charlotte Tilbury, Burberry, a few other top makeup artists, and professional dermatologists of my region, and YouTube. For fashion, I stay in touch with the latest trends through different top sources, but also rely on my own aesthetics.

Work With Me

If you are looking for social promotion of your products in Pakistan, detailed content marketing and copyrighting services in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niches, I am your girl!

To all international fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands/companies looking to promote their products in my region! I can help you increase exposure in my region by promoting through my in-depth knowledge of the niches, informative and detailed reviews, and helpful tips for the target audience.

To the Korean beauty brands! I know your brands, products, and ingredients more than anyone else in my country (including some parts of Europe as per my experience)! Please do not hesitate to contact me for creating exposure for you through social promotion and content creation. I welcome all projects, collaborations, sponsored posts, gifting, product reviews, advertisements, and affiliates... with every experience and opinion my own.

To leading footwear, I love showcasing all things shoes. I would love to fill the market gap by promoting your latest ranges in my country with my selective aesthetics.

My Asset for You?

A substance I want to highlight yet re-assert to all prospective brands is that I work as an Influencer! My asset to offer you is that I create a portion of my content on topics that the target audience is unaware of. I give them food for thought. And this way I influence their thought process and behavior by instilling in them a new desire and direction for future purchases. This makes me confident that I could be of value to you.

I would also like to tell brands that I am street smart and have excellent communication, writing, and presentation skills. If you would like me to promote your products in my region, feel free to contact me.

Check out my blog. I hope you find the content helpful and of quality. Find me on TwitterPinterest, and InstagramThank you so much for your interest in my page! Stay safe. Bye.

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Isa A

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  1. This post is an interesting read, especially the part about your blogging inspiration. I know how difficult it is to make time to have a blog and I applaud everything you are doing to work around that. You are putting out excellent content so you are definitely doing the right thing as you are pursuing this opportunity. I am rooting for you as you switch from your job to blogging. The other bit I found to be extremely relatable is the part about technology. That has been an obstacle for me as well, as a blogger. I enjoyed reading this, it was a helpful post!

    1. thanks darl, such a great review from your side. love it! <3

  2. I am also very creative and took dancing lessons when I was younger - not so fun that you don't have access to some products

    1. yea you are right. Because it limits me in some areas then. but applaud to your dancing classes. that sure is fun <3

  3. Thanks for sharing your expertise! You have some lovely products here, lots to explore.

  4. I applaud all the people who also have a blog, its work. Great post! Siobhan ♡ | Vegan Babe Life

  5. what a great post - its lovely to get to know you!

  6. Having a blog is so fun! Hopefully you will find brand to work with that you adore in the future! xx

    Lynn |

    1. thanks for the vibes Lynn! same your way too <3

  7. I love to getting to know more of who is behind the blog! Also I am inspired that you want to use your creativity and turn this page into a career, I truly hope to do the same! Can't wait to see more of your landscape pictures too x

    1. what a lovely comment Christina. thanks a lot for reading <3

  8. I felt the same way about the tech side of things! (I still do, actually, lol.) But good for you for trying it anyway!

    1. yea my only stoppable element is the tech. thanks Katie for reading <3