10 Best Blog Posts of 2021: Lifestyle Prism

10 Best Blog Posts of 2021: Lifestyle Prism

Welcome back to my blog, Lifestyle Prism! So, today I would be giving you my top 10 blog posts of the year 2021 based on the views it got on the internet. I haven't done link listings or roundups before, but decided to one after getting inspired by Tales of Belle's similar post. Also, if you are a new reader, and have not checked any of these posts, you may find something helpful from here. Clicking on the post headings would lead you to their links. So, in descending order with 1 being the highest, let's get started!


My Most Popular Posts of 2021

#10. The Workout Essentials You Need to Have the Best Home Gym

I posted it in September 2021. 2021 became the year when office, kids' entertainment, cinema, and gym reached home. Internet searches increased on the topics, and I believe the reason this post got good views. I'm also glad this post gained good traction from the men audience. If you have a home gym on your thoughts, give it a read.


#9. How to Style a Coffee Table like a Pro

This post is among my personal favorites. I published it in October 2021. This is the latest post of this list, and yet got good views. It is easy to get distracted on what to put on your living room coffee table. So why not read it for some inspiration if you haven't.


#8. Bloggers Share How to Be More Productive In Life

This post is from July 2021. I did a collaboration post with seven fantastic bloggers who talked about staying productive in various facets of life; eighth point of view being mine. This is a great post, and covers eight topics on staying productive. Give it a read if you haven't. I can almost guarantee you'd like it.


#7. COSRX Snail Mucin Products for The Natural Glow

I published it in June 2021. This is a very popular product line and combination from the K-beauty brand COSRX, and is a crowd's favorite. The Snail Essence and All in One Cream still remains trending, and has yet to see other snail lines take its place. If you're looking to try the products and especially the ingredient snail mucin, you may want to read my detailed review.


#6. Top 25 Latest Interior Design Trends 2021

This was my opening post of the niche home décor that I published in August 2021. I detailed in it 25 trends, and colors that encircled both interior design, and home décor. I'm happy it got such nice views even after posting it later in the year.

#5. 42 Pro Tips for Lasting Makeup

I published this post in July 2021, and it fetched most views from Google. Who doesn't want their makeup to stay? I covered in this 42 tips and hacks to make your makeup last longer. If you haven't read it yet, go ahead. I hope you find a useful tip you were so looking for.

#4. The Ordinary Bestsellers Reviews

Deciem The Ordinary, when it launched, became a market leader. It became a massive hit, and internet flooded with reviews. I posted it in September 2020 and the oldest of this list. I reviewed their AHA, retinol, moisturizer, and HA serum. I got to say I have to update this post. I tried their retinol higher percentage retinol, and Vitamin C later, so I'll review those, and add in it too. If you haven't tried The Ordinary yet, and are thinking of it now, read my product reviews as your guide.


#3. Athleisure and the Rise of Athflow

My post Athleisure and the Rise of Athflow remained on the first page of Google for atleast a few months, and this led it page views. I published it on April 2021. The concept started out when work came home, and Zoom calls began. A lot of dressing up, heels, and makeup slumped during Covid lockdown, and a middle ground between home wear and office clothing was adapted.


#2. Treat, Prevent, and Fade Hyperpigmentation and Acne Scars

The second most viewed post is Treat, Prevent, and Fade Hyperpigmentation and Acne Scars. I published it on February 2021. This is all about treating, and fading dark spots on your skin. It could be from acne, melasma, or simply hyperpigmentation. This is an issue faced by many including me, and I think the reason why this post got more views. If you haven't read it, and are looking for solutions, give it a read.


#1. Best Selling Makeup Products of All Time

The top spot goes to Best Selling Makeup Products of All Time. This remained my most popular blog post of the year. I posted it in January 2021. And here's why. The post talks about a few classic makeup items that although, are not recent, but remained crowd favorites for some time. I listed products from MAC such as their Fluid Fix foundation which I still wear, Benefit primer, NYX, Sleek, and Bourjois. It features reviews from foundation to eye shadows.


My Thoughts on Top 10 Ranking Posts of Lifestyle Prism in 2021

Of these, two posts are from 2020, and remaining 8 from 2021. Two posts on makeup, one on fashion, two on lifestyle, two on home décor, and three on skin remained trending. Most of the views for these posts came from social media, followed by organic search, and then referral.

I hope you check out the posts you haven't read yet. If you do, don't forget to leave your feedback. Let me know which posts you like. Also, inform me if there is a specific topic you need help with. I would bring that out for you, so make sure you subscribe to get upcoming content in your inbox once a week.


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  10. I'm happy to see that you did a 10 best posts post too! Also I think it's great that the collab was #8!
    Your beauty posts (makeup & skincare) do seem popular but it's good your home decor, lifestlye & fashion posts got good views too

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